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Kingman Paintball Loaders & Accessories

Gravity-Fed Hoppers and Motorized Paintball Loaders from Kingman

Kingman Spyder has uniquely designed paintball hoppers that work with non-standard sized paintballs. The Rapid E-Loader is a paintball hopper designed to feed .50 caliber paintballs into guns that support these rounds and if you don't need an electronic hopper then Kingman also has a 350 round Gravity Feed hopper. Kingman Spyder also has hoppers that supports standard sized paintballs. The line of Kingman's Fasta hoppers come in a choice of LED or LCD with an ultra lightweight deign that can feed up to 30bps a second!! Kingman Spyder even went to the extent to create their own line of paintball batteries, the Rechargeable battery is specially engineered to meet the hard demands of paintball gear.

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Kingman Spyder .50 Rapid E-Loader Paintball Loader - Black
Our Price:Price:$54.95
Kingman Fasta Loader 18v LCD
Our Price:Price:$84.95
Kingman Fasta Loader 18v LED
Our Price:Price:$74.95
Kingman Spyder .50 Gravity 350 Round Hopper - Black
Our Price:Price:$5.65
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