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Valken MI-9 Paintball Mask Sneak Peek

We just got word of Valken’s new paintball goggle, the Annex MI-9. The MI-9 is the natural extension of their popular MI-7 line that include a thermal quick change lens and super comfy dual layer foam. The MI-9 retains all those great features and adds a soft rubber lower to the mask, common to more expensive masks. This soft lower has several benefits such as improved paintball bounce to keep you in the game longer, better comfort from banging your masks into objects, and helps conform to a shoulder stock while shooting. Best of all, the Valken Annex MI-9 Paintball Goggle is going to be only $49.95 retail!

The MI-9 will be available in Black, Blue, Red, Olive, Tan, and White. Shipping dates are still to be announced so keep checking back!

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