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VL Revolution Eye Force Loaders Now In Stock!

Just a quick word to let you all know that the Viewloader Revolution Eye Force Loaders in Black or Smoke are in stock and ready to ship! I checked one out as soon as they hit the receiving dock and I am really impressed. The build is solid and the smooth lines of the body will make wiping down between games easy. They hold just shy of 200 paintballs and the internals obviously borrow from the very successful Vlocity and Vlocity Jr, utilizing a carousel-style feed with a three bladed drive cone to gently push the paint down the feedneck. The factory claims 20 balls per second… put one on my Ion set to maxed ramping and it never skipped a shot, even when shooting up to half the loader at a time.

Every time I think I have enough loaders at home already, something like this comes along and makes me have to have it. The nice part about the Eye Force is that it performs and costs less than every other forcefeed loader on the market right now. Viewloader keeps proving that the original maker of electronic loaders still have a few tricks up their sleeve.