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The Tippmann X7 Phenom marker is the second generation of X7 and is the flagship model of the Tippmann brand of paintball guns. With a design reminiscent of a German H&K MP5 machine gun, Tippmann has packed a lot of technology into the surprisingly small frame of the X7 Phenom. Reminiscent of another well-known German brand, Tippmann calls the Phenom "the ultimate woodsball marker". Building on the car analogy, if the $800 or more custom anodized speedball markers are the BMWs of the sport, the X7 Phenom is a lifted Ford F-450 with a turbo charged V-12 which gets 65 miles per gallon. Below you'll see the top models, including several custom built Paintball Online exclusives, and we'll detail why the X7 Phenom has started to blur the lines between tactical woodball guns and high performance tournament markers.

X7 Models Comparison Chart

Gun5 Electronic Firing ModesBarrel TypeRail AccessoryCollapsable StockOpticsCoiled Pressure Switch
X7 MechanicalNStockNNNN
X7 ElectronicYesStockNNNN
X7 Heavy Gunner PackNFlatlineFolding BipodYesNN
X7 Rifleman Scenario PackNCustom Products 14" Tactical BarrelErgonomic ForegripYesNN
X7 Close Quarters PackNStockErgonomic ForegripYesRail-Mounted Red Laser SightYes
X7 Sniper PackageNCustom Products 20" Tactical BarrelNYesLarge-Diameter Red Dot SightN
X7 Elite Sniper PackNCustom Products 20" Tactical BarrelFolding BipodYes45 Degree Offset Sight Rail & Red Dot SightN

Phenom Product Line Description

Flex valve™ technology which isn't just marketing fluff - The Phenom uses the Flex patented spool valve which is able to operate equally well in either mechanical or electronic modes. It works with both Co2 and compressed air. An operating pressure under 300psi means twice the air efficiency, and double the number of shots, compared with standard blowback designs. (During our testing, we were able to get 1,400 shots from a single 4500psi 68ci compressed air tank.) The searless design means significantly reduced recoil from the sear and bolt constantly striking each other which means straighter more accurate shooting and significantly less bolt wear and tear. Additionally the bolt operates in blow forward mode which provides a consistent gas "push" for each shot further enhancing accuracy and quiet operation.

Five Firing Modes – Including: 1) Electronic full-auto (20 balls per second!); 2) NPPL; 3) PSP; 4) Response (air assisted mechanical trigger which simulates full auto); 5) Semi-auto. The important thing to remember with all of these firing modes is that even with a dead battery, you can quickly switch to manual mode and you're back in the game.

Maintenance so easy your mom could do it – Simply pop the pins (no tools required) to access the internals for field striping, cleaning and lubrication.

Crazy Fast Cyclone Feed System – We could write pages explaining how it works, but all you need to know is: firing rates up to 20 balls per second with almost no ball breakage. You'll be worrying about how to get a second job to pay for your paint before you'll want more firepower than this. If you're like us, and don't have a trust fund, you'll rarely be operating in full auto, but it's nice to know it's there when you need it. The Cyclone Feed is also mechanically driven so it will continue to operate without battery power. This is a tactical woodsball marker which doesn't need to make apologies to any one on the field, including the speedball kids with their bright shiny tourney guns selling for twice the price of the X7.

Mods Galore – Gearheads will delight in the fact that Tippmann itself has created over 20 different X7 specific modifications. We're not even counting the hundreds of other third party barrels, slings, sights, body kits, and other upgrades which have been produced. The X7 Phenom has the same barrel threads as the original X7, A5, Pro-Lite, 68-Carbine, Pro-Am, Pro-Carbine and the BT-4 markers, so all barrels which are threaded for those guns will work on the X7. Factoring in the Picatinny rails to add new sights or handles, the removable front and rear signs, and modular forgrip with rails to add signs, lazers, or bi-bods you can literally create thousands of different looks for the X7. Some of our favorites have been the MP5 with assault and laser, M-16, UMP, and AK-47 configurations. It's built like a Tippmann, so you'll have over a decade of play from this gun, but because it's so flexible in configuration, you'll never get bored.

Other notable features of the Tippmann X7 Phenom include:

  • Made in Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA by real live Americans.
  • As discussed above, the X7 isn't lacking for upgrades and accepts all X7 specific performance parts as well as all A5 and BT-4 barrels.
  • All-metal trigger for durability and stability during high rates of fire, particularly when using the Response trigger function
  • Magnetically activated Hall effect electronics for durability
  • Quick release magazine with built-in tool storage – this is one of the most innovative uses of extra space on a paintball gun that we've even seen.
  • Gas through grip eliminates need for hoses to blow or snag, giving a more streamlined look and feel
  • Air-thru stock compatible making it easy to mount a remote tank in a harness
  • Removable front and rear sights – I mean, let's face it, if you're running 15bps, you're not going to be doing a lot of careful sighting. If sniping is more of your thing, keep them on and let the accuracy of that Flex valve give you one shot, one kill.
  • Low profile/offset hopper decreases the likelihood of a gun hit and allow for a clean line of sight
  • Internal regulator with new external velocity adjustment (tool required)
  • 9.5" high performance, stone-honed barrel
  • Includes maintenance pack, barrel blocking device, and marker lubricant
  • Industry leading two year marker warranty (includes parts and labor) Want to hit the field ready to impress? Pick one of our exclusive CORE X7 packages which were custom built by our team of experts to be ready for tactical operations right out of the box. Like to be out in front, up-close and personal while storming bunkers? Check out our CORE Close Quarters package. Perhaps you're a one shot, one kill type of player, if so the CORE X7 Sniper Package or Sniper Elite Packages were made for you. Finally, for the guy who wants to lay the paint heavy and thick, we recommend the CORE X7 Phenom Heavy Gunner Package with bi-pod and extended stock. The Heavy Gunner is perfect for a flat firing position to cover advancing players.