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Empire Vanquish Orange

The Empire Vanquish Paintball Gun is here!

The Empire Vanquish was the talk of the Paintball Extravaganza trade show this year. There had been rumors of a high end paintball gun coming from Kee Action Sports, with various pictures being posted on the internet forums of markers thickly wrapped in cloth tape or fuzzy and out of focus like a photo of Bigfoot. They managed to keep virtually everything about it a secret until a few days before Extravaganza when they announced just the name and logo. The last couple of months have been abuzz about its features and now it’s finally here in limited quantities.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XbqpeqL07n8?feature=player_embedded&w=640&h=360]

The Empire Vanquish utilizes a spool valve system at its core, which has its pros and cons versus a poppet valve system (covering their bases, Kee is also releasing the JT Impulse paintball gun to appeal to the stacktube crowd). One thing that spool valves are known for is simple maintenance and after a quick tour around the Vanquish marker I quickly realized that the ease and simplicity of its care was paramount in the designer’s thinking. The Vanquish is the first paintball marker in the history of the sport to use only one size Allen screw throughout the entire gun! Imagine that, no more hunting around in your kit bag for various sized tools; the one included tool is all you require to make all adjustments or removal and installations. The bolt took a cue from the Empire Axe to be instantly removable. The push of a button and twist of the wrist is all that is required to remove the entire bolt engine out the back for no-hassle cleaning, lubing and o-ring changes. Taking another cue from the easy-to-serviceBT Slice paintball gun, the body of the Vanquish is hinged in the front. Simply loosen one screw (which is captured so as not to fall out) and the upper body half flips up for access to the board and solenoid. Smart thinking!

Empire Vanquish Black

The Empire Vanquish utilizes an internal airline like many current markers for an external airline-free system. The Relay Regulator system provides a consistent output pressure into the marker while also giving the user an instant on/ off with purge ASA. To monitor the marker’s pressure the Vanquish has an internal gauge whose pressure is displayed on an easy to read OLED screen on the back of the rubber-covered foregrip. This position makes glancing at your gun’s status convenient for both right and left handed shooters. Most reports coming in regarding air efficiency put the Vanquish shooting 10 pods per 68/4500 fill. Doing the math, 1400 rounds ÷ 68 cubic inches = approximately 20.5 shots per cubic inch at 4500 psi… that’s pretty decent for a spool valve gun.

Empire Vanquish Grey

The Empire Vanquish barrel kit is another perk that sets it apart from the competition. Rather than the usual two barrel or three barrel backs and a front, the Vanquish owner gets an Empire Super Freak Barrel Kit. Included is an aluminum back, a super light carbon fiber tip for a 14 inch total length, and five aluminum inserts in .675, 680,.685,.690, and .695. This kit will handle virtually all paint sizes and conditions.

Empire Vanquish Orange