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Tacamo means First-Rate Military Simulation Guns for Woodsball

Tacamo makes some of the most realistic paintball markers on the market, styled to look like guns like an AK-47 or a Tommy Gun. Want to play a game where you're a Cold War James Bond, deep behind enemy lines with only scavenged Soviet weapons and ammo to keep you alive? Want to be Elliot Ness taking the fight to Al Capone in Prohibition Era Chicago with the best weapon World War I had to offer? These guns are especially perfect for period scenario games, and are guaranteed to make players jealous of the realistic look and feel of Tacamo's paintball guns.

Grab a RPK and have that look and feel of a Soviet RPK light machine gun or the Type 68 I or Type 68 D for the Type-56 assault rifle look and feel. So if you are a serious or wanting to become a serious scenario player, then what are you waiting for? Purchase one today!

Tacamo Player's Perspective

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4 Price: Tacamo guns are around the high end of the middle of scenario marker kits. They're fully featured, sturdy, and some of the best simulation markers on the market, and if the look of a Tacamo is what you want, then they're worth the price. But compared to other markers of the type, they're more expensive than all but the luxury end.

9 MilSim: Tacamo markers are built out of wood and metal, and to as closely as possible resemble real-world guns. However, they require the use of external gas and a hopper, which does harm the effect somewhat.

10 Durability: Tacamo markers are constructed from real wood and metal, making them both authentic and strong.

4 Accessories: Tacamo markers come with a variety of upgrades, including stocks and bipods. However, they do not offer the ability, with built-in Picatinny rails, to further customize the marker.

0 First Strike: First Strike rounds allow for greater range and accuracy, which can aid in the realism of MilSim sniping. Tacamo does not offer a mag fed option, and is therefore incapable of using these special paintballs.