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Smart Parts Pewter Epiphany And Ion Price Drop

On its way from Smarts Parts is a new color for the Epiphany… Pewter with Black Highlights! Pewter is one of the hot new colors for markers this season and this one is going to definitely attract some attention if its in your hands. Did you know that the new color Epiphanies and other SP markers are being done by the same company that does all the custom plating for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles? With that kind of reputation at stake you know the finish is flawless!

Also in the news is that the Ion is back at the low price of $199.95 and we have a wider range of factory replacement parts in stock such as Ion Grease, Detents, Hose Kits, Screws, and Wire Harness. If you need to replace the eyes, consider Virtue Laser Eyes and upgrade while you’re at it. Really, you should always have these handy in a small parts box when you go out to play. Every time I go to the field I see people ruin their day just because they don’t have a low cost part on them and I’ve saved many a sad kid’s play because I always carry them in my gear bag.