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The Proto Rize Gun is one the newest additions to the 2016 Proto family. This marker will feature the latest in Proto’s patented Spool Valve Technology that is sure to be leaps and bounds from other guns of Proto’s past.

Included with this new amazing machine will be the same self-cleaning Dye M2 Eye Pipe that we have come to learn and love. This, being paired with the new Fusion Bolt Spool Valve Technology, break beam eyes and the increased flow of the Hyper 3 inline regulator, the Proto Rize is sure to be a dream for any avid paintball player.

Of course, you will see the additional visual changes of the Proto Rize that are sure to make this gun a must have. Right off the bat your eyes are drawn to the beautiful new three-dimensional body milling with the standard clamping feed neck sitting right on top. Your hands will feel right at home with the sleek Ultra Lite composite 45 grip frame with sticky grip and Dye UL trigger that look as good as they feel.

In addition to all the great visual changes, the internal workings are better than ever. You will still have the LED electronic board with 4 tournament modes and adjustable rates of fire that is a necessity to any tournament player or even the casual weekend warrior. However, this time around, Proto has a new and greatly refined solenoid that offers durable and long term reliability that is unmatched by any other gun in this price range. This improved solenoid will allow a low operating pressure of 140PSI that will offer some of the smoothest and most accurate performance.

The Proto Rize is soon to be one of the favorites at your local field so be sure to be one of the first to get your hands on this awesome gun!