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Paintball Elbow Pads

A good set of paintball elbow pads serves two purposes. One, they protect against potential injury to your elbow and arm as you dive, slide or crawl across the sometimes rugged terrain of a paintball field.Two, they absorb the impact and help promote 'bounce' from incoming paintballs. The elbow and forearm is one of the most exposed parts of the body as you lean out from cover to take a shot so have the right gear to be ready for it! What are the best paintball elbow pads featuring? Good elbow pads cover both the elbow and the forearm, as both of these body parts hit the ground in crawls and dives as well as get repeatedly shot. The foam padding is pre-curved to cradle the arm for no loss of motion. They typically have a strap at the bicep and wrist as well as a thumbhole cuff to keep the pads in place without sliding in either direction. Externally they have a layer of Kevlar or tough nylon to resist the hard abrasive ground game after game.
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