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New Products and Special From Virtue Paintball

Hello again, we got a special going on while supplies last for the Virtue Ion Board which will include a FREE RedEZON Power Button and Membrane Adapter. The board will turn your Smart Parts Ion into a paint slingin’ machinegun with adjustable ramping, burst, full auto, breakout modes or my personal fave, autoresponse (shot on the pull and shot on the release is sooooooo much fun!). Free stuff is always good, am I right?

Also new in the warehouse are the Virtue Laser Breakbeam Eyes for the Shocker NXT. These eyes are useful upgrade because you can look in the feedneck to verify the eyes are clean and working.

If you need to dress up the walls in your house, we have two huge Virtue Banners featuring LA Ironmen superstarOllie Lang and the powerhouse NXL team Boston Red Legion (aka Russian Legion). These things are huge… 2′ x 5 1/2’… and let’s everyone know what you do on the weekends!