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Show Off Your Skills with the CCI Phantom Pump

Since Component Concepts Incorporated (CCI) was formed in 1979, its name has stood for expert design, and is adored by pump paintball players the world over. The CCI Phantom pump paintball gun was introduced in 1987.

While there have been slight performance tweaks since then, the core design remains the same, that's about two decades for the dependable design.

CCI paintball guns come in a variety of configurations and colors, and are supremely versatile, as they can be converted from a bulk-feed hopper to the stock class configuration.

Phantom Configurations

Stock class aligns the feed tube parallel to the breach, which requires tilting to load a paintball, what's often called rock and cock. This unique kind of paintball slows down the pace of the game, and is perfect for players looking for a sportsman-like duel where the victor is the person with the better skills, not the pricier marker.

CCI Handles or Grips

CCI guns come with one of two grips based on the handles of two of the American military's most stalwart arms: the M16 and the Colt 1911 .45. The .45 was America's main sidearm for decades, and is more of a pistol grip. The M16 was the standard military rifle for years, and is still in service today alongside a smaller carbine variant. A rifle grip, at slightly more of an angle than the pistol grip, is based around these guns.

About CCI

CCI was started by Mike Cassidy, and is one of the oldest single-owner paintball companies still manufacturing paintball guns. Operating out of Newberg, Oregon in the Pacific Northwest, CCI prides itself on the artisanal craftsmanship that goes into every marker. Mike takes personal pride in making sure every gun coming out of CCI meet his exacting personal standards.