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Play Paintball with a Bow with Airowgun

Have you ever been slinking through the woods in the middle of a MilSim or even a pump game, and wished you could be Rambo, or Dutch from Predator, and stalk your paintball prey with a bow? Now you can!

Airowgun paintball guns have paved the way for a completely different style of paintball. These guns are designed around a real compound bow, but instead of unleashing arrows, it unleashes paintballs. The standard Airowgun comes in a convenient pack with a variety of colors, including black, camo, and even pink.

These bow-powered guns have range! They shoot quite accurately at about 300 feet per second (the velocity is adustable as well). Another really cool feature is just how quiet they are compared to standard paintball guns. Your prey won't even know where the shot came from.

How Airowguns are different

Airowguns don't use CO2 or compressed air, just elbow grease. Since you won't be firing shots off without a care, you'll go through less paint, so an Airowgun is easily the cheapest way to play paintball, though the marker itelf is more expensive than some entry-level guns.

Airowguns are designed to let you control the velocity, to make sure you get the same range and speed you would with any other paintball gun, while still playing safely. The best part, Airowguns are nearly silent, letting a paintball archer weave through the field, picking their shots and picking off opponents.

Your opponents might think they're the Predator, but you'll show them they're your prey with an Airowgun.