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2008 Empire and Invert Gear

I was in New Jersey over the weekend at Kee Action Sports and was one of the few paintball buyers in the country to see all the new 2008 Empire and Invert gear. All I can say is “WOW!”… the entire line is some of the hottest looking gear I’ve ever seen! I’m dying to tell you every minute detail about what I saw and tried out, but unfortunately I can’t… was not even allowed to take pictures. Let’s just say that I was so blown away that we are carrying the entire Empire paintball and Invert range of jerseys, pants, gloves, harnesses, gear bags, backpacks, tank covers and other gear for 2008. Not only can you get it all in one place, you can get it earlier than everyone else because we will be among the first to sell them starting this September! The new Empire AXE is awesome

More accessories for the BT paintball markers are on their way to us, including the M16 Magazine, F.E. Stock and Folding Bipod. Plenty of options to turn your BT into a paint slinging intimidation machine!