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Paintball is Safer than Bowling

Yes, you read that right. According to the National Injury Information Clearinghouse of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission it’s statistically more likely that you’ll injure yourself while bowling than if you were playing paintball. A 2001 study reported that per 1000 participants there are only 0.24 injuries in paintball while bowling was almost double the incidence of injury at 0.47 injuries.

We understand your concern. Your son, daughter, or husband is begging for your okay to buy the latest paintball equipment. It's surprising, but after only one or two trips to the paintball field -- folks just get hooked! While you'd like to share their enthusiasm for the sport and give your much needed "go ahead," you are concerned with your loved ones shooting paintballs at other players and being shot at. Don't feel like you're alone. These are common and serious concerns that deserve a thoughtful response. The following paragraphs will hopefully explain why our sport is one of the fastest growing in the world and that it doesn't have anything to do with people hurting one another.


Paintballs won't hit hard enough to cause an injury as long as proper safety procedures are followed. Protective covering with multiple layers of clothing is recommended. sells a variety of neck and chest protectors to buffer the sting of the paintball. To protect their eyes, all players must always wear approved-for-paintball goggles in every area where shooting is allowed, even at the target range. sells a variety of ASTM approved paintball goggles. Barrel covers are required anywhere off the playing field and even on the playing field until play starts.


Referees. Professional referees on the playing field control the games, enforce the rules of fair play, and monitor safety rules. Most paintball fields have a staff of trained referees that allows them to conduct several games simultaneously. Most game fields are very strict in regard to the rules requiring players to wear goggles. If a player is found removing their goggles at anytime during active play, they are typically asked to immediately leave the game. If that player again removes their goggles they are typically asked to leave the field for the day.