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Tippmann Repair Parts Kit for Custom 98 & Custom Pro

Item#: MTPRK98
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Reg. Price: $54.99
Sale Price: $49.95
VIP Price: $44.96
VIP Paintball Club® Membership Reg. Price: $23.99 Sale Price: $4.99 IN STOCK
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More Details

Great Additions for the Tippmann Repair Parts Kit for Custom 98 & Custom Pro: Deal!
Tank O-Rings $0.95
Tank O-Rings $19.99
Tank O-Rings $34.99
Product Info
Universal Parts Kit, includes a full range of replacement parts.Includes:
(1) Front bolt O-Ring
(2) Valve lock screw
(1) Rear bolt O-Ring
(1) Front sight spring receiver dowel
(1) Buffer O-Ring
(1) Drive Spring
(1) Ball Latch
(1) Velocity Screw
(1) Adapter Nut (10-32)
(2) Receiver Bolt (short)
(1) Receiver Bolt (long)
(1) Feed Elbow Dowel Pin
(2) Grip Nut
(1) Front Sight Pin
(1) Dowel Pin (black)
(1) Marker Oil
(1) Pin
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