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Planet Eclipse Paintball Guns & Markers

Planet Eclipse markers represent the peak of paintball marker performance.

Planet Eclipse produces some of the most accurate and fastest shooting paintball guns ever made. Used by top professional tournament and scenario teams the world over, Eclipse's attention to detail, superior craftsmanship and groundbreaking designs  is your first step to dominating on the paintball field.

Whether you want a smooth and quiet shooting spool valve or a fast and efficient poppet valved marker, Planet Eclipse has a model to fit in the mid-range to high-end. The Planet Eclipse Ego LV1 continues to be the flagship marker of the highly successful Ego series. The LV1 introduces a host of industry first innovations including a new lever activated poppet valve system, allowing Eclipse to make the fastest shooting Ego yet.

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Planet Eclipse Ego LV1 Paintball Guns
Our Price:Price:$1,395.00
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Planet Eclipse Geo3 Paintball Guns
Our Price:Price:$994.95
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Planet Eclipse ETek4 LT Paintball Guns
Our Price:Price:$400.00
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Planet Eclipse Etha Paintball Guns
Our Price:Price:$349.94
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Considerations for Considering a Planet Eclipse Marker

If you like the simple maintenance of a spool valve gun then consider the Planet Eclipse Geo3. The Geo3 ranks among the lowest recoil paintball markers ever made, keeping you on target during fast shot strings. The Planet Eclipse Etek4 series delivers high performance poppet valve technology for less money. This incredibly popular model is available in both the Etek4 LT with lightweight composite gripframe, and the Etek4 AM with a milled aluminum one. The Planet Eclipse Etha is the cheapest Planet Eclipse marker ever made but don't let the price fool you! The Etha utilizes a spring-return bolt to create a reliable, fast firing and consistent paintball gun at an entry level market price.