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Spyder Paintball Guns & Markers

Kingman Spyder Paintball Guns and Markers

Go with one of the most trusted brands in paintball with a Kingman Spyder Marker!

Kingman creates some of the best markers in the industry at very competitive prices. Their Spyder line of guns are a fantastic option for new players looking to get into paintball without wanting to empty out their wallet.

We have a great selection of markers and complete packages from Kingman that are very competitively priced and are suitable for multiple styles of play.

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Kingman Spyder E-MR5 Marker
Our Price:Price:$174.95
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Remanufactured Kingman Spyder MRX
Our Price:Price:$127.95
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Spyder Victor Paintball Gun Marker MEGA Set
Our Price:Price:$134.95
VIP Price:$121.46
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Kingman Spyder Victor Paintball Gun MEGA Set Deluxe
Our Price:Price:$179.95
VIP Price:$161.96
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Kingman Spyder Hammer 7 Pump Marker - Black
Our Price:Price:$99.95
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Kingman Spyder Hammer 7 Pump Marker - Olive
Our Price:Price:$99.95
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Kingman 2012 Spyder Fenix Paintball Gun Mega Set - Silver
Our Price:Price:$220.99
VIP Price:$198.89
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Spyder Victor Starter Kit
Our Price:Price:$99.99
VIP Price:$89.99
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Kingman Spyder .50 Caliber Stormer Marker
Our Price:Price:$130.00
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The Spyder guns are great for just recreational play with friends, for woodsball play and for anyone looking for a low priced electronic gun to test the waters of tournament play.

You can choose between the .68 caliber markers (typical size for most markers), the .50 Caliber (shoots slightly smaller paintballs, great for family fun) or the .43 Caliber Kingman Training series of pistols. No matter which line you choose, you should know that you are getting a big bang for your buck.

A brief history of Kingman paintball

Beginning in 1992, Kingman quickly became one of the best known and best regarded names in paintball. The brainchild of Arthur Chang, Kingman's Spyder line of guns brought a really high performing semi automatic option for players at a very low price. It became quite common for many paintballers to brandish a Spyder as their very first marker.

Kingman was also one of the first manufacturers to develop an electronic marker (the Spyder Flash) , and continues to offer a variety of semi auto, pump & electronic guns and pistols. They have done an excellent job being able to improve their line of markers over the years while still maintaining an affordable price.

Although the Spyder line of markers will continue to be produced, it will be with a new team. Kee Action Sports (the parent company of Empire, BT and JT), acquired the Kingman/Spyder brand of products in mid 2014. No need to worry for any of you staunch supporters of Kingman as the new team at Kee Action has some great concepts in mind for the coming future.

These packages not striking your fancy? You can see all of our Kingman Spyder kits or call our experts at 800-875-4547.