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Dye Paintball Guns


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2015 Proto Rail

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Get in the game with the popular line of Tippmann Paintball Guns!

Dye paintball markers are second to none!

If you talk to veteran and pro players about high performance paintball guns and gear, they will quickly mention Dye. Since its inception in 2003, Dye has been crafting some of the game's most advanced and sought-after gear. Dye's line defines high-end in paintball, but Dye gear is well worth the price tag as it performs second to none.

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Dye sponsors some of the best players and teams in the world, such as Los Angeles Ironmen, Tampa Bay Damage, Justin "LJ" Schwartz, Scott Kemp and Keith Brown.

Dye is well known in the speedball world with the Dye Matrix and has now left its mark in Woodsball with their new Dye DAM.

A brief history of DYE paintball

Dye Precision is the brainchild of Dave "Youngblood" Dehaan. Dave started playing paintball professionally at the young age of 14, which is how got the aforementioned nickname. It is also where he got the idea for his future company's name – Dave Youngblood Enterpises.

To make extra money while in school, Dave began his venture into the paintball industry by making custom marker modifications in his spare time. In 1996, Dave was hired by the founder of JT USA, John Gregory. Eventually, Dave earned his way to becoming the head of operations of the paintball division at JT USA. After a few years and some difficulties in the company, Dave moved onto a career in law enforcement, but he still had a passion for making custom paintball equipment. As the popularity for his equipment steadily grew, he started created equipment in bulk. This first product he mass produced was a 100 lot of barrels called the "Boomstick". It was the success of these barrels gave Dave the confidence to create Dye.

In 2003, Dye released its version of the famous Matrix. This spool valve design electronic paintball marker quickly became one of the most sought after high-end markers, and its popularity remains to this very day. Since this first introduction, Dye has released several new versions of the Matrix, each with some excellent new features that have steadily improved the marker over the years.

What the Matrix did for high-end markers, the Dye Rotor did for loaders. In 2009, the Dye Rotor was introduced and quickly became one of the hottest loaders on the scene. It was well-liked by the paintball community due to its ease-of-use, low maintenance and high performance level.