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Cheap Paintball Guns Under $100

Cheap Paintball Guns & Markers

Our selection of cheap paintball guns under $100 will help you get your game on without having to break the bank!

Are you new to paintball or currently thinking about getting into playing, but don't want to spend a lot of money for a new gun? Well you have come to the right place. We created this special section here at Paintball-Online with you in mind! The options on the left of the page can help you quickly narrow your search down to find something that best fits your needs and your budget.

Thinking of having a little pump paintball gun fun? The JT Raptor would be a great choice for those just starting and is one of the most inexpensive ways to get into playing paintball. Maybe you want something that requires trigger pulling and no pumping. We have some great options including the newest gun from one of paintball's oldest and most-respected brands, Tippmann Cronus. Some other popular guns that pack a punch for a low price include the Valken V-TAC SW-1, The Tippmann Gryphon and the Azodin Kaos.

Need a low cost paintball gun for your kids? Check out our JT Splatmaster line. This line was specially designed for kids ages 9 and up. This line of paintball guns doesn't use standard paintballs, but a specially formulated paintball that is much softer and more "kid friendly."

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JT Splatmaster z200 Shotgun
Our Price:Price:$39.99
Azodin ATS Plus Paintball Gun - Black
Our Price:Price:$119.95
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JT Raptor Pump Gun Paintball Kit
Our Price:Price:$19.99
VIP Price:$17.99
Kingman Spyder MR100 Pro Paintball Gun - Black
Our Price:Price:$99.99
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Free Shipping
Kingman Spyder MR100 Pro Paintball Gun - Olive Green
Our Price:Price:$99.99
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Tippmann Cronus Basic Paintball Gun
Our Price:Price:$79.00
2012 Kingman Spyder Victor Paintball Marker - Black
Our Price:Price:$59.99
Kingman KT Eraser 11mm Paintball Pistol - Green
Our Price:Price:$99.99
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VALKEN V-TAC SW-1 Paintball Marker
Our Price:Price:$99.95
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JT Remanufactured E-Kast Electronic Paintball Marker
Our Price:Price:$44.99
VIP Price:$40.49
JT SplatMaster z300 Sniper Rifle
Our Price:Price:$49.99
JT Splatmaster z100 Pistol
Our Price:Price:$29.99
Gryphon Semi Automatic Paintball Marker - Black
Our Price:Price:$79.00
Azodin Kaos Semi Auto Paintball Marker
Our Price:Price:$89.95
Azodin ATS Paintball Gun - Black
Our Price:Price:$84.95
JT SplatMaster z90 Pistol
Our Price:Price:$19.99
Kingman KT Chaser 11mm Paintball Pistol
Our Price:Price:$74.99
Refurbished JT Raider Paintball Marker
Our Price:Price:$59.95
VIP Price:$53.96
Gryphon PowerPack Complete Paintball Package
Our Price:Price:$109.00
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Gryphon Semi Automatic Paintball Marker - Red
Our Price:Price:$79.00
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Still having trouble deciding? We've all been there. With so many great budget paintball guns to choose from, it can be tough.

You might want to consider a used, or remanufactured, gun. You might be able to get a marker from a manufacturer like JT at a steep discount. When we get them they tend to sell out fast, but used guns can be a great way to try out a mid-grade gun for less money.

Maybe you need something a little more full-featured. The Spyder Victor Start Kit comes with everything you need to get started but some paint and some CO2, and is probably the most complete package you can get for under $100. Similar, if a little pricier, is the Gryphon PowerPack. If they strike your fancy, you might want to consider taking a look at our gun packages, that start around the $100 range.