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BT Paintball Marker Kits

The Battle Tested line of paintball gun packages

Empire's line of tactical style paintball guns gives you choices for how to approach your scenario paintball game. Want to keep it up close and personal? The BT TM-15 Close Quarters scenario paintball gun will let you do just that.

If you assaulting a fortified position in the dark is more your speed, then the BT TM-15 Night Ops is calling your name.

Maybe you want to be a sharp shooter, eliminating opponents from a distance before they even know you're there. Pick up the BT TM-15 Sniper, or, for the ultimate American Sniper predator experience, try the BT TM-15 Elite Sniper.

Check out our Battle Tested paintball guns below, or see the bottom of the page for a chart showing the different TM-15 package features!

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BT TM-15 Packages Comparison Chart

The BT TM-15 is one of the premier MilSim markers, and we have a bunch of great packages to help you play your way. Use this chart to decide which TM-15 kit is for you.

Gun Accessory Rail Stock Barrel
Power Pack N Foregrip Foldable 14" Tactical
Night Ops Flashlight Foregrip Foldable Stock
Close Quarters Laser Foregrip Foldable Stock
Designated Rifle Red Dot Sight Foregrip Foldable 14" Tactical
Sniper Red Dot Sight Foregrip Foldable 20" Tactical Sniper
Sniper Elite Red Dot Sight Bipod Foldable 20" Tactical Sniper

Not finding what you want? You can see all of our BT paintball guns or call our experts at 800-875-4547.